5 Really Lame Excuses That Derail Success

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No matter how impossible you might think something is to accomplish, there’s someone out there getting it done anyway. Most often, excuses are a way to justify fear of failure, fear of success, or a lack of resolve. Excuses get in the way of success and living fully.

Avoid letting these excuses sabotage the life you desire:

By overcoming your excuses, success becomes much more likely!

1. I don’t have the right education.

A surprising percentage of the most successful people never completed high school. It’s true that education is required to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but education isn’t required in many situations.

Our society places a high emphasis on education, but it’s not always necessary. Motivation and commitment are far more valuable than education in most cases. How committed are you?

2. I don’t have enough money.

Many of those wealthy in the present were poor in the past. Some of the biggest companies were started in a one-car garage. Money certainly makes things easier, but it’s not always necessary to get started.

A lack of financial resources is a convenient excuse to stay stuck in your current situation. The world is full of money. If you don’t have enough money to move forward, find a way to acquire more.

3. I don’t have enough time.

With careful planning, you can find time in your schedule for your priorities. How much extra time do you need to achieve your goals?

You might need to eliminate some of the activities that aren’t as crucial to making your dreams come true, such as club meetings.

If you regularly overextend yourself by saying Yes every time someone asks you to do something, practice politely saying No until you can sometimes make that your answer.

Delegate some of your responsibilities.

Cut down on watching television. You’d be surprised how much you can get done during the time you usually spend watching shows on TV or the Internet!

4. It’s too late to get started.

Do you think life has passed you by? An 80 year-old man climbed Mount Everest successfully. People over the age of 60 have graduated from medical school. Is it really too late?

It’s possible that your age or life circumstances can make success more challenging, but it’s unlikely that it’s too late.

What can you do today to take that first step?

5. I don’t know how to get started.

There was a time when Tiger Woods didn’t know how to play golf and Warren Buffett couldn’t even spell “stock.” It might be true that you don’t know how to get started. That just means you require some education.

There’s never been a time in history when more free information was available. You can find anything you need to get started online or at the local library. And there’s no law that states you can’t sit in the bookstore all day and read to your heart’s content.

If you feel that success is eluding you, thoughtfully consider the possibility that you might be making excuses. You might discover that what you thought was stopping you all along was really you! Now that you know, you can get past your excuses and on the path to success.