7 Essential Medication Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

7 Essential Medication Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone


Medication Safety Tips for Seniors

By staying aware of medication safety guidelines, you can avoid complications and other issues. Did you know that simply storing your medications in the wrong spot at home can affect them?

Use these medication safety tips to stay organized and healthy:

1. Educate yourself about your medications.

The first step to medication safety is understanding why and how you have to take every pill.

Turn to your doctor and pharmacist for advice. They can help you understand the role each medication plays in helping you. They can also help you schedule your medications and inform you of any foods to avoid while taking them.

It’s important to ask questions and keep a list of every pill you take. Write down what your doctor or pharmacist tells you and keep it in a safe place.

2. Check your medications at the pharmacy.

Before you take your medicine home, take a moment to talk to your pharmacist. Cases of incorrect dosages and wrong pills are on the rise, so you want to ensure your prescription is filled correctly.

Check that both the dosage and type of medication are correct. The wrong pills can create a serious reaction that sends you to the hospital.

3. Know the side effects.

By knowing the side effects of each medication, you can watch for any abnormalities in the way your body reacts to the medicine and seek help if you need to.

4. Know the proper storage techniques.

Some medications are highly sensitive to temperature changes while others can’t be exposed to the sun.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about storage tips for your drugs. They can recommend places in your home that will keep the medications at an optimum temperature.

5. Organize your medications carefully.

Pill organizers are a popular way to store medications at home, but you have other options.

You may want to consider a customized pill organizer that lists your medications’ names and other information above the compartments. You can find organizers from a variety of retailers.

Pill packs are an alternative to traditional plastic organizers. They’re individual packs that contain all of the pills you need to take in one day. The exterior of the pack can list the date and type of medication. They’re available from multiple pharmacies and can help you track your pills.

It’s crucial to have organized medications. Not only do they make it easier for you, but they also help you avoid medication errors that can cause serious harm.

6. Avoid changing your dosage on your own.

Although you may feel better, it’s important to talk to your doctor before changing a drug dosage. Changing the dosage or stopping a drug can lead to withdrawal symptoms or even health emergencies.

7. Consider the source of your medications.

Medication safety can be affected by where you purchase your prescription. Always use a reliable source.

If you’re purchasing your medications from online retailers, foreign pharmacies, or other sources, you may want to discuss it with your doctor. Cases of contamination and other issues are possible.

In addition, medications from foreign pharmacies may have instructions printed in a different language.

Take control of your medications. After all, they are there to make you feel better! You can stay safe, healthy, and confident about your medications with these easy steps and routines.