30 Powerful Affirmations For Confidence and Self-Esteem

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Build your self-confidence by repeating a confidence affirmation every day. Frequent repetition throughout the day will help you to shift your mindset and eliminate your fears.

So, go ahead and try these thirty confidence affirmations with self-reflection questions…

“Admitting ignorance is noble.”

It is okay for answers to elude me sometimes. It shows that I am human and just as imperfect as anyone else.

My workplace is a haven for growth and collaboration. I encourage a space where people are able to learn from each other. My ears are wide open to hear the perspectives of my colleagues.

The wisdom of others is beneficial to me. I am happy to learn from them.

Whenever I am challenged by an issue in the office, I always ask for assistance. Bouncing thoughts off another person opens me up to varied solutions.

Homework is a team effort for my kids because we rely on different resources to figure things out. Although I am able to assist my children with most assignments, I let them know when I am baffled. It shows them that it is okay for even heroes to be clueless.

Sometimes I speak before thinking things through. I am ready to admit that whenever it is brought to my attention. I welcome others pointing it out to me when my statements are unfounded. Their correction is a blessing to me.

I am quick to apologize when my actions offend someone. It is hardly my intention to be unkind, but it is possible to offend someone unknowingly.

Today, I realize that acknowledging my ignorance is the first step in growth and maturity. Each day provides me with a learning experience that I am happy for.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I remedy my ignorance in the workplace?
  2. In what ways do I go about educating myself?
  3. How easy is it for me to come to terms with criticism about my choices?

“I accept myself and I am worthy of a wonderful life.”

I practice acceptance with all things in my life, including myself. When I practice acceptance, I am in a better position to enjoy life’s gifts. Acceptance can sometimes be a struggle, but I am an accepting person and continue to grow this quality in myself.

I accept my flaws, foibles, and failures. I am lacking in some ways, but I love myself for my shortcomings. Everything about me makes me unique and special.

I know how to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Each day, I practice building a skill. This way, I get better and better as time goes on.

I am already a strong and capable person with many desirable qualities. I accept the responsibility that comes along with being such a capable person. I accept my positive qualities.

I continue to follow the golden rule and want the best for everyone I meet.

I am worthy of enjoying my life. I deserve to have a wonderful life. I am kind and respectful to everyone I meet and expect others to treat me the same way. Luckily, I usually get what I expect!

I look forward to discovering my future as it unfolds.

Today, I am making a renewed effort to accept everything about myself. I embrace both my strengths and weaknesses. I also accept others just the way they are. I am worthy of having a fantastic life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I struggle to accept about myself? Why do I struggle?
  2. How would I feel if I were more accepting of myself?
  3. What 3 areas in my life would I most like to change?

“I accomplish my tasks effortlessly.”

I accomplish everything I need to do. I glide through life with little effort. I finish my to-do list with ease. Whether I am at work or home, I quickly finish my tasks so I can move on to the more exciting things of life.

I am in the flow of the universe. Everything I do seems easy and natural. Things come to me without struggles or arguments.

I swim through the obstacles in my way.

I avoid thrashing against my blocks. Instead, I figure out how to solve them quickly. I ask for help when it is necessary.

I consider what someone else has on their plate before I ask them to help me. I know who can help me to accomplish what I desire, and who not to ask. In most cases, I pick a person who has the time and desire to help me.

So even getting help from others becomes fairly effortless!

I follow a process that helps speed up my tasks and enables me to accomplish more in less time. I pick the most important things on my to-do list. I set priorities so I know which things deserve my attention first.

I concentrate my efforts on the things that give the greatest value and return.

Today, I accomplish everything I desire effortlessly. I glide right through my tasks at work and chores at home, leaving time for taking action toward the goals that excite me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I accomplish more things with ease and less effort?
  2. Who can help me reach my goals?
  3. What can I do to help others accomplish their dreams?

“I am a positive role model to others.”

I live my life in a way that inspires others to be brave and to live their own lives. I consider how my actions affect others and the impression I leave behind. I represent fairness, kindness, humility, and happiness.

I treat everyone as I wish to be treated.

I lead by example. I demonstrate confidence and leadership. I am positive, calm, and confident in my abilities. I am proud of my achievements, but I continuously strive for bigger goals.

I am brave enough to be unique. I am free of the need to be like everyone else. I show everyone that it is okay to be proud of themselves as they are.

I contribute to my community. I find ways to help people outside of my career. I enjoy helping others and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.

I possess the qualities others want to have. I set the bar high for myself and have high expectations for others, too.

I have strong convictions and I stand by them. I say what I believe and believe what I say. My actions speak louder than my words.

Today, I am living a life worthy of a role model. I take that responsibility seriously. I am a positive role model to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my attitude and behavior encourage others?
  2. What can I do to be a better role model to the people in my life?
  3. What do I need to stop doing in order to be a more positive role model?

“I am bold and adventurous.”

I live each day like it is a grand adventure. Each day has the potential to be magical and life-altering. I can only be part of this magic if I am willing to be bold and adventurous.

I am leaving meek and mild behavior to others and choosing to live my life boldly.

When I am bold, good things happen. I experience more and achieve greater success. I find that the universe meets me halfway when I am willing to act and live with courage in my heart.

I am bold, assertive, and courageous. I have the ability to try things that make others afraid. I am living a life that others only dare to dream of.

I enjoy pushing the boundaries and limits of life. The most interesting things happen when I have the nerve to operate outside the lines. Whether I am taking a vacation, starting a business, or searching for a new relationship, I am willing to take the road less traveled.

I never know what I am going to find, and that is the way I like it.

I love to try new things. I enjoy experiencing new foods and activities. If I fail to try something new each day, I feel like the day has been wasted.

Today, I am taking a bold step and beginning a new adventure. I am moving off the beaten path and creating new memories. I am bold and adventurous.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When was the last time I was bold and adventurous? What happened?
  2. What if I lived my life like it was a grand adventure?
  3. What have I missed in life by being too cautious and conservative?

“I am comfortable in all social environments.”

My social skills are excellent. I have built my social skills over my lifetime. My skills may have been poor in the past, but they are strong now. I look forward to any opportunity to connect with others.

People enjoy communicating with me. I know how to make others feel interesting, comfortable, and appreciated. Everyone likes to speak with me, regardless of the social event.

I make it a point to uplift the people I speak with. I leave each person feeling better than I found them. I am charismatic.

It is my versatility that makes me so comfortable in all social situations. I can tailor my approach to any social environment. Whether I am attending a black-tie event, a work party, or informal social gathering, I feel comfortable and confident. I can handle any social occasion.

I like people, and they like me. It is easy for me to meet someone new and to maintain conversations with strangers. Everyone is just a friend I have yet to meet.

Each conversation I have makes me more connected and enhances my life in countless ways.

Today, I am expanding my social circle. I feel even more comfortable than usual in social situations. I am looking forward to making new friends and connections. I am comfortable in all social environments.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In which social environments do I struggle to feel comfortable? Why?
  2. How can I decrease my anxiety in uncomfortable social environments?
  3. Who is the most socially comfortable person I know? What can I learn from them?

“I am confident in the presence of others.”

I am confident in all situations. My confidence is greatest in social situations. I enjoy being around people and feel a sense of peace in the presence of others. I am optimistic regarding my capabilities in all facets of life.

I love myself. This is the basis for my confidence. It is rare for anyone to hurt my feelings or to damage my confidence. I accept myself fully. My confidence is growing with my maturity.

When I experience self-doubt, I face my fear. By doing this, I gain strength, courage, and confidence.

Others look to me for support and reassurance. Therefore, I am sure to make confident decisions and take decisive actions in their presence. I am happy to play this role.

I am confident in mind, body, and spirit. I look for new adventures that I can share with the people in my life.

While I feel comfortable with others, I also feel comfortable alone. I recharge my batteries during quiet times. This allows me to be at my best in social situations.

Today, I am growing even stronger and more confident. I trust myself to be assertive, charismatic, and confident whether I am alone or in a crowd. I am confident in the presence of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to be more comfortable and confident in group settings?
  2. What is my greatest fear in social situations? How can I rectify that?
  3. How would my life change if I was 100% comfortable in social situations? What would I be able to do that I don’t believe I can do now?

“I am doing a great job.”

I put my heart into my work. I take initiative. I find out what I need to know and take action when I see an opportunity.

I continue learning. I build my skills and knowledge. I sign up for training courses at work and attend adult education classes at my local university. I shadow other employees who excel at their jobs, so I can benefit from their example.

I clarify my priorities. I know where to channel my time and energy. I chart my career and strive to get the greatest impact out of my available resources.

I think positive. I radiate a cheerful attitude. When I run into setbacks, I try to look at the humorous side of the situation. I keep a smile on my face and count the reasons why I am grateful.

I support my coworkers. I share my expertise and pitch in when a project is running behind schedule. I help interns and new employees to get oriented. I do what I can to make my boss’ job easier.

I welcome feedback. I ask others to give me candid comments and constructive criticism about my performance. I listen with an open mind and use their input to make positive changes in my work habits. I thank them for being honest with me.

I exceed expectations and go beyond my job description.

Today, I approach my work with dedication and enthusiasm. I look for ways to add value and create more job satisfaction for my colleagues and myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I motivate myself to put forth consistent effort?
  2. What are my top 3 professional goals?
  3. What is the difference between a high performer and a workaholic?

“I am in control of my life.”

I have power over the direction of my life. I call the shots and make the decisions. My life is my responsibility and mine alone.

I accept the awesome responsibility of managing my life and creating the future I desire.

Regardless of my past, I have the ability to change the direction of my life. I know that I can live the life of my dreams.

I am free to make decisions that support my goals and values. I may sometimes feel that my options are limited, but that is just an illusion. I always have more options than I realize.

I am open to all the possibilities my life holds. I examine all of my available choices and make wise decisions.

I may have allowed other people to control my life in the past, but that time is over. I am firmly in control of my life now. I enjoy the power I have to steer my life in a direction that pleases me. I am free of the influence of temporary circumstances.

I have the ability to overcome significant obstacles.

Today, I exercise the power of choice and take full control of my life. Each day, I make positive decisions that can affect various aspects of my life and take responsibility for those decisions.

I am the master of my life and my future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways have I given up control over my life? Why?
  2. What would I do if I believed I would not fail?
  3. What can I do to take more control over my life each day?

“I am protected by love.”

My world is filled with sources of power and inspiration. They play an important role in the richness and blessings in my life.

Whenever I am experiencing anxiety about meeting my commitments, I take a moment to meditate. I think about the people in my life who love me and strive to protect me. I know that someone is hearing my call for support and is willing to lend a hand.

Even when it is difficult to see where my helping hand is coming from, I stay away from worrying. The world is filled with people who are ready and waiting to step in.

Sometimes there are questions that I am unable to answer on my own. Instead of beating myself up about it, I turn to someone experienced and knowledgeable. Brainstorming with collaborators provides clarity to drive my actions and decisions.

There are times when I see aid coming my way before I even ask for it. It is wonderful to have loved ones who sense my challenge and make the first move.

When someone offers unsolicited advice and suggestions, I gladly accept their kindness.

Today, I feel continually protected because I am surrounded by guardian angels. It is good to have silent givers in each area of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I express my gratitude when someone assists me voluntarily?
  2. In what ways do I seek to provide support for others?
  3. What are some of my most memorable experiences with guardian angels?

“I am unique and that is my gift to the world.”

I embrace my unique qualities. There is a tendency for people to want to conform, but I believe this is a mistake. It is the unique qualities of each individual that are the most valuable to the world. The characteristics we all share are very common and less valuable.

The things that make me different from others are the most important.

My uniqueness makes me special. I am willing to embrace and share that with the world. I am open and free. I am free of the need to conform or to fit in. I allow others to see that I am different from them.

People admire and respect those that are comfortable being themselves. I enjoy admiration and respect, so I am free to let my hair down and be myself in all situations.

When I become uncomfortable and hide my uniqueness, I rob the world and myself of the best parts of me. I am brave enough to show my true colors to everyone I meet.

I seek out the uniqueness in others. This is best way to get to know someone deeply. I appreciate the things about someone that are different from myself. These are the things I find most interesting.

Today, I allow the world to see me as I am. I am comfortable just being myself, regardless of the situation or people around me. I am unique and that is my gift to the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways am I different from the average person?
  2. What can I do to leverage my unique qualities?
  3. What would I gain by being myself all the time?

“I am worthy of love and acceptance.”

Like everyone else, I am worthy of love and acceptance. I sometimes forget how wonderful I am, but I know that I deserve to have a great life, filled with love and tolerance. I am worthy.

I am more than my fears and self-doubts. I am more than any negative thoughts I might think. I am more than my mistakes and failures. I am more than my body. I am more than anything I do, say, or think. I am more than the opinions others have of me.

I am worthy of a good and fulfilling life. I deserve a life that makes me feel excited when I open my eyes in the morning. I am worthy of good friends and happiness. Regardless of my current situation, I am worthy of love and acceptance.

I am loving and accepting toward others. I receive the same treatment in return.

Most importantly, I am loving and accepting of myself. I am my own greatest fan. I want the best for myself and have high standards for the behavior I accept from others.

I enjoy getting to know myself better. This process can be challenging, but I am patient.

Today, I am giving love and acceptance to everyone I meet. I am receiving love and acceptance. I am thinking about how wonderful I am and about all that I deserve. I am worthy of love and acceptance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my three best attributes?
  2. What do I like the most about myself? What do I like the least about myself? How can I be more accepting of myself?
  3. How can I feel comfortable in accepting love from others?

“I approach the day with enthusiasm and confidence.”

My enthusiasm for the day begins when my alarm wakes me in the morning. As I lie in bed, I look forward to the day ahead with a positive attitude. My anticipation only grows when my feet hit the floor and I begin my morning routine.

Each day I feel more confident than I did the day before. My accomplishments and my understanding of the world grow each day. This is the basis for my confidence.

I know I can handle any challenge the day presents. Knowing I can handle anything that comes my way allows me to approach the day with certainty and comfort.

I spend each day going from one challenge to the next without a loss of enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is generated inside of me. External events are irrelevant to my enthusiasm and motivation.

My confidence is steady and sure. I use it to my advantage each day.

I am well aware of my capabilities and the challenges of life. I have handled many ups and downs over the course of my life successfully. These ground my confidence and allow it to continue growing steadily and surely.

Today, I am excited by the day before me. I am confident in my abilities. I plan to enjoy a great day. I approach this day with confidence and enthusiasm.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what areas of my life am I the least confident? What can I do to raise my confidence?
  2. Do I have goals that fill me with enthusiasm? What are they?
  3. Would the people that know me describe me as enthusiastic and confident? Why or why not?

“I can approach strangers with tranquility and confidence.”

I am a socially confident person. I enjoy talking to others and they enjoy talking to me. Meeting new people is an easy and positive experience for me. I take every opportunity to interact with someone new.

I love to meet new people and share experiences!

Each new person in my life is a potential friend. I remind myself that every friend I have was a stranger at some point. So, each stranger is interesting to me. I know I might be meeting the best friend ever!

I am optimistic about meeting a new romantic partner. The next stranger I meet might be the love of my life. My romantic life is enhanced when I meet more people.

I feel calm, cool, and collected when I meet someone new. I find it easy to start and maintain a conversation. I always have something to say and make it a point to be an excellent listener. It is easy for me to smile and easy for others to smile in my presence.

Interacting with me is a pleasant experience.

My friendly demeanor puts others at ease. They can sense my inner peace and confidence. These qualities uplift them and make them feel good when they’re around me.

Today, I am open to meeting new people and starting conversations with strangers. My confidence in my social skills continually grows with each new interaction. I am ready to make a new friend today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How did I meet my best friend? Best partner?
  2. Where could I meet new people that are likely to be compatible with me?
  3. How can I practice meeting new people confidently?

“I choose to feel good about myself each day.”

I like many things about myself. I am fun, interesting, intelligent, and kind. With so many positive attributes, it is easy for me to have a positive opinion of myself.

I am proud of myself and strive to be even better each day.

I do have flaws. After all, I am human! I can still feel good about myself. I realize that the parts of me that lack perfection help make me unique and are just as valuable as my best parts.

I accept that everyone has flaws and weaknesses. That includes me, too. I focus on my strengths.

On those rare occasions I do feel bad about myself, I remind myself how wonderful I truly am. I list my positive qualities and all the successes I have enjoyed throughout my lifetime.

My positive qualities grow each day, and my successes are increasing in number.

I make it a point to help others feel good about themselves, too. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. I make the world a better place when I feel good about myself and I help others to do the same.

Today, I make a conscious choice to feel good about myself. I am pleased with the person I am and the person I am becoming.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my best qualities? Why do I consider those qualities to be my best?
  2. How does it affect my life when I feel bad about myself?
  3. When I feel good about myself, how does it impact my day? How can I feel good about myself more often?

“I feed my spirit each day with positive thoughts.”

Positive thoughts keep my mind in the right space. When I have positive thoughts, I have positive moods. A positive mood leads to courageous actions. My spirit has the best chance to soar when I keep my mind filled with positive thoughts.

It can be difficult to hold positive thoughts when life is challenging. However, I know that positive thinking is the best medicine for troubling times.

Everything begins to shift when I engage in positive self-talk and positive thinking. A bad day can become great quickly if I take control of my thinking.

I strive to think positive thoughts from the moment I awake until I fall asleep. When I catch myself thinking negatively, I immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one. I find that this is enough to put my day back on track.

Good things happen when I think positively.

I keep positive thoughts in my head by asking myself positive questions. What is the best thing that happened today? What can I be thankful for in my life? What is the most exciting thing in my life right now? Such questions feed my spirit and allow me to smile.

Today, I am focused on keeping a positive attitude from sunrise to sunset. My thoughts are positive, light, and hopeful. My spirit is soaring. I feed my spirit each day with positive thoughts.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do when I find myself thinking negatively?
  2. How can I start each day with a positive attitude?
  3. How would my life be altered if I constantly thought positively?

“I feel powerful, capable, and energetic.”

I enjoy a great night of sleep and then I am ready to take on the world. I start the day with a smile and feel the energy swelling within my body. From morning until night, I feel full of energy.

I am a capable person. I prove to myself each day that I can handle any challenge that is in my path. I feel more able to handle the obstacles of life with each success I enjoy. Each challenge increases my abilities and my confidence.

I am getting better at living life.

I feel powerful and comfortable in my own skin. My ability to manage my life and influence others makes me feel powerful. Knowing that I can mold my life to be whatever I want is the ultimate source of confidence.

I spend my time and energy on the things and people that are the most important to me. My energy levels are infinite when I am doing something that is worthwhile to me. I avoid activities that drain my reserves.

I live my life in a way that allows me to be at my best.

Today, I feel more powerful and capable than ever. My energy levels are high, and I feel very motivated. I am accomplishing more today than I did yesterday.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my daily activities that drain my energy and make me feel less capable?
  2. What can I do to have more energy each day?
  3. Do I feel like I have control over my life? How can I maintain more control?

“I possess the power to live my dreams.”

The power to live my dreams is within my means. I am blessed to have the focus, motivation, and discipline I need to reach my dreams. I know I am on the right journey to bring my dream to life.

I know what I want. My dreams are crystal clear in my mind. I have specific goals with specific deadlines. Knowing what I want is half the battle.

I visualize my goals each day to keep them fresh in my mind.

I am motivated. I have a strong desire to achieve my goals and dreams. My dreams are so desirable, they pull me forward like a magnet. Each day, I feel more motivated to reach my dreams than I did the day before. Each day brings me closer to the life I want to live.

I am persistent. I have the discipline necessary to find a way through any obstacle. I can overcome self-doubt. I have all the talents and skills I need to move toward my goals each day.

The day that I am living my dreams is approaching like a rocket! I am prepared for its arrival.

Today, I move toward the achievement of my dreams with confidence. I remind myself that today is important and that I must make it count. I possess the power to live my dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What does my dream life look like? How will I know when I have achieved it?
  2. What are my goals for the next six months that will move me toward my dreams?
  3. What is stopping me from going after my dreams? What am I doing to overcome these obstacles?

“I resist settling for less than I deserve.”

In situations of desperation, it is sometimes easy to grab at the first solution that presents itself. But I know I deserve to be justly rewarded. So, I continue my search for an optimum resolution.

My talent and ability speak for themselves.

When faced with financial difficulty, it is tempting to settle for the first available source of income. But it is pointless burdening myself to earn less than my effort deserves.

I ask for compensation that aligns with my skill level. My search for fair compensation continues until I find a source that is willing to be fair to me. Although times are sometimes difficult, I have faith and keep pushing through.

My commitment to my value is also evident in my relationships. Knowing what I bring to the table makes it easy for me to choose a partner.

I deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully in all aspects of my life. My heart is pure, and my intentions are sincere. The only expectation I have is to receive the same treatment that I give to others.

When I encounter someone that tries to trick me into settling for less, I point out their unfairness. I tell others when their actions are unkind.

Today, I know that my value is unquestionable. The worth I bring to each situation speaks for itself. I proudly declare who I am to the world and insist upon being acknowledged with fairness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I able to accurately assess how much compensation to ask for?
  2. What kinds of situations sometimes threaten my self-belief?
  3. How do I prove to others that I am worth more than they assume?

“I share my gifts with the world.”

It is my obligation and privilege to share my gifts boldly with the world. The best I have to offer belongs to everyone.

I share my uniqueness and abilities fearlessly and proudly. The more I am willing to share, the more I can expect to receive. I am comfortable with making myself vulnerable.

I enjoy inspiring others with my gifts. I help them to find happiness in sharing their own gifts. I have the power to change others by sharing my gifts.

I embrace those things that make me special.

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging, but I relish the rewards it brings. I know how amazing the world would be if everyone shared their unique gifts. I am enthusiastically doing my part.

My life is more satisfying when I use and show my talents. I become more confident and increase my self-esteem when people see me at my best. My talents and gifts are valuable resources. They are less valuable when I keep them to myself.

I continuously hone my strengths and talents. The return on my investment of time is priceless.

Today, I allow the world to witness my greatest abilities. I am open to revealing myself. I share my gifts with the world freely and confidently.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. My are my greatest talents? What am I naturally better at than most people?
  2. How can I leverage those talents to my best advantage?
  3. What do I have to lose by allowing others to see my talents in action? What could I gain?

“Loving myself gives me confidence.”

There is so much power in knowing and appreciating who I am. Loving myself gives me the confidence to go out and conquer the world.

I am comfortable in the skin I am in. Each feature makes me uniquely me. I feel a sense of pride knowing that I am the only one like me. I embrace myself and share my uniqueness with the world.

Although my journey is different from that of my friends, I am pleased with my accomplishments. I know that each person takes a different path through life.

I am proud of my patience. It allows me to carefully think through situations before making decisions. It is a standout characteristic that makes me reliable in the eyes of my family, friends, and colleagues.

I tackle work-related matters with confidence because I know that I have the trust of those around me. I love that I am thought of in high regard.

I celebrate my differences. I love that I see things differently because it inspires thought. I offer new perspectives.

I trust my own intelligence and intuition.

Today, I am the person that I am meant to me. I have little desire to change who I am for greater acceptance. My mind, body, and soul are connected to form a unique and beautiful being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What words of encouragement do I tell myself when I am feeling unsure?
  2. How do I practice self-love on a daily basis?
  3. What are some of my accomplishments that build my self-confidence?

“My ability to succeed is unlimited.”

The only limitations on my success are those I impose on myself. External limits on my success are non-existent. I am the only real limitation in my life. I manage my beliefs and eliminate negative thinking from my mind.

My faith in myself is growing exponentially. I am excited by my potential.

I have everything I need to be immensely successful. I am a talented person with all the resources I require to begin accomplishing any goal that interests me. Any additional resources I may need in the future are easy for me to acquire.

I am creative, flexible, and tenacious. I can solve any challenge in the simplest and most clever manner. I have the will to continue forward in spite of any obstacles.

Success is a destination that I regularly reach.

I am open to success. Some people are afraid of success. I crave and enjoy success. Each success I attain makes me more comfortable and familiar with success. Each success convinces me further that I can accomplish anything I desire. I am unlimited in my ability to succeed.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

Today, I accept that my ability to achieve and succeed is unlimited. I am making big plans for my future and fully expect to achieve them. The faith I have in my future is bigger and better than ever.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What limits do I impose upon myself? Why do I do that?
  2. What would I attempt to accomplish if my belief in myself were unlimited?
  3. What are my greatest strengths? How can I use them to my advantage?

“My character is my favorite attire.”

I am glad that I am a naturally happy person. Maintaining that outlook makes so many things in life easier to navigate.

When I wear my happiness on the outside, it is easily seen by others. I like being able to infect a room of people with positive energy. It brings me a sense of satisfaction to see someone smile in response to my gesture of kindness and respect.

My character is defined by honesty and integrity. When I practice having both at all times, it becomes what I am known for.

I am respected by my peers in corporate circles because I present myself as a true professional. Although some situations at work turn out unfavorably, I rest assured that I am able to maintain the trust of others. They know I give my best with each project.

My sense of charity is on display. I use each opportunity I get to extend assistance to anyone who asks for it. I even look for need before it comes to me.

Kindness is my natural response to others. When I meet someone new, I choose to lift them up and celebrate them. I see them for the good they bring to the world.

Today, I am known by what I regularly display of my character. My persona shines bright because I am consistent with my actions and words. I am proud of my accomplishments that come from being true to myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my most admirable character traits?
  2. How do I respond when someone questions my character?
  3. How do I know when someone is trying to challenge what I stand for?

“My life has great meaning and purpose.”

I know I am here for a reason. Although I may not know what that reason is, I strive to develop my God-given talents and positively affect every person that touches my life.

Everyone has a purpose! My purpose allows me to express myself in my own unique way, while also giving me the opportunity to help each member of the human family.

When I work to develop my talents and use them to the best of my ability, I am able to fulfill part of my purpose. This gives me great meaning and fulfillment because my gifts are being used for the greater good.

When someone comes into my life, I encourage him or her to do the same, whether it is my partner, friend, colleague, or child. I always encourage others to be the best they can be, and do what they are called to do.

In this way, I am fulfilled and I know that I am living according to my purpose.

Today, I plan to do every task to the best of my ability and be the absolute best I can be, regardless if the task seems trivial.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I strive to develop my talents?
  2. How do I affect others? Do I encourage them or discourage them?
  3. What is my attitude about my tasks in my current life situation?

“My love for myself is unconditional.”

I am in love with myself. I treat myself with love and respect. While many people love me, I choose to love myself at an even higher level.

I am the most amazing person I know.

I look out for myself like I am caring for a child. I take the time and energy to do the best I can for myself. I give myself good advice. I ensure that I eat properly and exercise regularly. I give myself the attention that I deserve.

I work hard to fulfill my needs. Whether I need love, sleep, or adventure, I do my best to satisfy my needs. My needs are important because I love myself.

I am impressed with my kindness and consideration for others. I am pleased with my achievements.

Even when I fail, I am happy with the way I bounce back and try again. I admire many things about myself.

When I have a bad day, I still love myself. Those days that I fail, mistreat someone, or dislike myself, I still love myself unconditionally. In fact, I find a way to love myself even more when I am struggling. I deserve it!

Today, I am finding new things to love about myself. I feel happy and proud when I look at myself in the mirror. My love for myself is unconditional.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I like the most about myself? What do I like the least?
  2. Can I love myself in spite of the qualities I possess that I don’t like?
  3. What do other people love about me?

“My mind has unlimited power.”

The power of my mind is limitless. It has the ability to create things that have never existed. My creative abilities are unlimited.

I constantly develop new ideas that have the ability to change my life and the world for the better. I am in awe of the creative power of my mind.

My mind is able to solve any challenge. I find simple, elegant solutions that surprise even me. I can deal with any challenge successfully and quickly. The obstacles of life are mere speed bumps for me.

My mind navigates the potholes of my life and takes the smoothest path to my goals.

My mind can control my body. I have control over my behavior. I am moving toward my goals and away from negative behaviors. I choose what is best for me and my mind makes it happen.

My mind controls my perspective and outlook on life. My mind creates my future. Anything my mind envisions, I can achieve. My mind has the ability to create anything I desire. My future is under my control.

I am inspired by the great minds of the past. I know that I possess the same abilities and powers. I only need to learn how best to use them.

Today, I appreciate all that my mind can do. I trust my intuition. I consider new ideas with an open mind. My mind has unlimited power.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What could I accomplish if I opened myself up to the possibilities? Why have I limited myself in the past?
  2. How have I inhibited or sabotaged my success in the past?
  3. What can I do today to make better use of my mind?

“My needs are important.”

I am so focused on the needs of the people in my life that I sometimes forget about my own needs. My needs are important, too. When my own needs are satisfied, I am more able to help others. By satisfying my needs, I am helping everyone else, too.

I am fortunate to have wonderful people in my life that care about me. There are many people in my life that care about my happiness and my needs. I am grateful whenever someone does something nice for me.

It can be challenging to put myself first. I sometimes feel a little guilty, but I remind myself that my guilt is misplaced. I am just as important as anyone else.

My own needs are one of my most important priorities. I treat myself as a person of value.

When my needs go unmet, I lose my zest and enthusiasm for life. While I can often count on others to address my needs, I sometimes have to assume that responsibility myself.

I enjoy pampering myself because I am worth it.

Today, I make my needs a priority. I feel good about the attention I give myself. My needs are important, so I ensure they are fulfilled.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of my needs are going unmet on a regular basis?
  2. How would my life be enhanced if I were able to meet those needs regularly?
  3. Who in my life takes my needs seriously?

“My personality attracts others.”

I am a magnet. My personality attracts others to me because I commit to giving off positive energy.

When I smile at someone I am greeting, it goes a long way. My cheerful energy is contagious, and my smile goes on to brighten their day. It feels good to feel and see the impact of choosing to be positive.

I am respectful to anyone I encounter. It is important to me to treat others how I desire to be treated.

My colleagues consult me when they are unsure about something at work. I make it a point to be as helpful to them as possible. Being open with knowledge creates a constructive work environment.

When I am at a party, I am gracious when someone compliments me. It is possible for me to respond constructively without appearing to encourage unwanted advances.

I enjoy going to group events with my friends because I bring a sense of energy to everything I do. Being able to infect the group with that energy is fulfilling for me. I like making others happy.

My cheery disposition makes it easy for others to discuss difficult topics with me. It is important to me to prevent others from feeling threatened or inadequate.

Today, my inner light shines bright and makes a positive impact on the world around me. I am a positive influence on those around me because I commit to maintaining a welcoming demeanor and attitude.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my greatest strengths?
  2. How does my personality impact my competitiveness?
  3. What are some of my character traits that stand out?

“My strength multiplies when I choose to stand on my own.”

There is power in numbers because support from others provides courage. But there is greater strength when I choose to be independent and realize my own power.

Although I value the support of my friends and family, I recognize that leaning too much on them results in dependency. I like being able to fend for myself.

I know that I am strong and valuable.

Relying on my own mind to make decisions causes me to think outside the box. I am creative when I choose to think for myself. I keep an open mind to new ideas that can benefit my endeavors.

At work I come up with my own creative ideas before group brainstorming sessions. Although working with a team produces a wider range of ideas, I like to be ready with my own first. This approach keeps my mind active and results-oriented.

Having the comfort of a stable job with little pressure leads to complacency. Although I like predictability, I prefer to push my boundaries and experience the unknown.

A new norm develops in my life each time I conquer a new experience.

Today, being strong means learning how to stand on my own two feet. It is a good feeling to have supportive cushions to fall back on, but I prefer to challenge myself first. Knowing what I am capable of is a victory in itself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I know when it is time to ask my support system for guidance?
  2. How do I strengthen my resolve?
  3. What are some ventures that I am interested in taking on alone?

“My uniqueness is worth celebrating.”

When I look around me, I am excited to see people with various talents and abilities. My uniqueness is worth celebrating because it brings something special to the world.

I bring something special to my work responsibilities. It is important to me to make my work environment appealing to my co-workers. My personality makes it easy for me to work with. I collaborate effectively.

I celebrate being able to connect with what others are feeling and respond accordingly. Their well-being gives me happiness, so I do what I can to help them achieve it.

Doing things like everyone else is unappealing to me. It gives me more satisfaction to offer alternative thinking that produces innovative results.

Being different comes with the kind of recognition that I am happy to live with. I like being recognized for going against the grain. Taking an unpopular stance is easy for me when it aligns with my morals.

I am committed to being myself and living up to my own standards. That makes me unique and opens me up to new opportunities all the time.

Today, I freely live an open and honest life. I celebrate that I am strong enough to commit to my own system of beliefs, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What makes me unique?
  2. How readily do I embrace my personality when I find that I am unpopular with some groups of people?
  3. What are some similarities that I share with my family members?