How to Plan a Second Honeymoon You’ll Both Love

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There’s more to second honeymoons than romantic walks on the beach. Spending some time away together could have long-lasting benefits for your marriage.

In fact, if you were a Malaysian couple on the brink of divorce, the government would give you a free island vacation. It seems to be money well spent. All the participants in their second honeymoon program are still married.

While you’ll probably have to pay for your getaway yourself, the rewards are worth it. Consider these suggestions for planning a fabulous second honeymoon on any size budget.

Benefits of Second Honeymoons

1. Stir up romance.

Greater intimacy is naturally the first thing on a lot of couple’s minds. You have an opportunity to focus on love and passion without being distracted by report cards or credit card bills.

2. Tackle major issues.

You may also find yourselves using your retreat to ponder big decisions. Think about retirement and career changes while you’re free of the usual responsibilities.

3. Enjoy better timing.

There are advantages to being older and wiser. Some studies suggest that couples who are swept off their feet may have more trouble adjusting when the bliss wears off. Now that you’re used to dirty socks and snoring, you can revel in the magic while keeping it in perspective.

Suggestions for Second Honeymoons on a Tight Budget

1. Go away for the weekend.

Even a short break can be refreshing. Take a 3 day weekend if 3 weeks off is out of the question.

2. Stick close to home.

You can reduce expenses by picking a nearby destination. Go camping or check into a hotel in your neighborhood.

3. Search for special discounts.

Maybe you qualify for senior discounts. There are also plenty of deals online and many venues will offer you additional upgrades if you let them know you’re on your honeymoon. Off season travel and flexible departure dates help too.

Suggestions for Second Honeymoons on Any Budget

1. Leave the kids at home.

Most experts advise against familymoons. Give yourselves some time for just the two of you. Kids can enjoy their own adventures visiting grandparents or family friends.

2. Agree on finances.

Figure out how you’ll cover the bills so money issues won’t cause conflict. You may want to save up in advance and agree to a spending ceiling.

3. Try challenging activities.

Working together towards ambitious goals draws spouses closer together. Enriching hobbies can be part of the process. Sign up for scuba diving lessons or attend gourmet cooking classes.

4. Simplify your schedule.

On the other hand, you also want to have ample down time to relax and do whatever you feel like. Avoid rushing around trying to see all the sights in one trip. You can each pick one or two major attractions geared to your personal interests and improvise the rest.

5. Be flexible.

Remember that however much you plan, travel is full of surprises. Bring a book of poetry to read if your flight is delayed. Stay inside with a nice bottle of wine if it rains. Pick up a new wardrobe at local boutiques if your luggage gets lost.

6. Plan ahead.

Figure out how you’re going to sustain your renewed connection when you return home. Weekly date nights and occasional getaways can keep the magic going strong.

Celebrate your life together with a second honeymoon. You can conjure up memories of your first weeks together or finally enjoy that trip you couldn’t afford the first time around. Whatever your circumstances, it’s a beautiful way to reconnect and strengthen your marriage.