How to Influence Others and Gain More Control Over Your Destiny

How to Influence Others and Gain More Control Over Your Destiny
Image by ElisaRiva on Pixabay

With enough influence, you can do nearly anything. Some people are seemingly born with the ability to get others to do their bidding. The rest of us have to learn this important skill.

You can never have too much influence. More influence means more power to control your life. You have more options when you have more influence.

Those with the most influence are the real movers and shakers in the world. You can become one of these people. Having influence over others is largely a skill that can be developed.

Use these strategies to develop greater influence over others:

1. Money.

Money does provide influence in many situations. It might not make you more influential at work, but it can provide a lot of influence in other areas of life. It might not be a palatable idea to many people, but money and influence go together like peas and carrots.

2. Influential friends.

Along with money, having powerful friends can take you places. Let’s face it, being friends with the governor of your state can do more for you than making friends with the old lady down the street. When you’re friends with someone influential, you gain influence.

3. A large network.

While the quality of your network matters, the size can matter, too. When you have a large group of people interested in your happiness and success, you have a lot of influence.

4. Power.

The more power you have, the more influence you potentially have. You have more influence over your work environment if you’re the CEO instead of the intern.

5. Persuasive skills.

Skills matter, too. Study books on charisma and influence. Look at books about sales. There’s lots of information for those that are interested in learning how to persuade others.

6. Show integrity.

When people trust you, you have a greater ability to influence them. Use every opportunity to demonstrate to others that you can be trusted. Be open about your values and prove to the world that you live by them.

7. Be a high achiever.

We’re impressed and influenced by those that succeed. When you learn how to control yourself and your environment, you also learn how to influence others. High achievers develop power and financial resources. They can also develop a large social network more readily.

8. Learn leadership skills.

Learn how to lead others. Good leaders find it easy to influence others. In fact, leadership is largely about how to influence others to buy into your ideas. Great leaders always have the power to be influential.

How much influence do you have in your life right now? What could you do if you had 10 times as much influence over people and your environment?  What are you willing to do to become more influential?

Those that have a lot of influence are able to get things done quickly and easily. Having little to no influence requires a lot more time and effort.

Building influence is not unlike building a business. There are several factors that comprise influence. Start where you can and begin building your influence today.