30 Positive Love Affirmations for Lasting Love

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Here are 30 affirmation reflections for lasting love. Use these positive affirmations every day to help you find genuine, long-lasting, love and respect.

“I am confident that I can find my soul mate.”

This planet is filled with many beings, and I know my soul mate is one of them. It may take a little time, but I am sure I can find the one that is meant for me.

I have the necessary patience to avoid settling for the wrong person. I have the self-control and resilience to recognize the importance of patience and am willing to wait for true love.

I have peace of mind during my search for the right partner. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to meeting my soul mate sometime soon.

I am ready for a positive relationship. My personality is interesting and engaging, so others are attracted to me. I have the confidence and self-respect to attract the “one.”

I know that the best match for me is out there – I need only to get out there and look. So I attend social functions and welcome new people into my life. I regularly go out on dates. I reach out to others to find my soul mate.

Each relationship brings me closer to the ideal partner for me.

Today, I am ready to find my soul mate, but patient about finding the one that I know is right for me. I am confident that my search will result in true love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel about finding my soul mate?
  2. How do I increase my chances of success in finding the one who is just right for me?
  3. How can I recognize my soul mate once I find them?

“I give myself permission to love and be loved.”

Loving others is exercise for my soul. Each time I embrace someone, I burn away the unwanted weight of hatred and bitterness. Love is the most basic of human feelings. We are born to love and be loved.

Not only do I give myself permission to love, but I also require myself to look at others through compassionate eyes. Love is a choice. Love is not an emotion that rules my actions. Love begins in the mind when I make a decision to love. I express it with my actions and eventually it lands in my heart.

Infatuation is a feeling that takes over the body but disappears after time. Love is different. The seeds of love take time to grow. Once they take root, it is impossible to remove them.

I love with passion. I love unconditionally. I love faithfully.

I accept the love of others. I never question whether others truly love me because I fill my mind with positive thoughts. When others tell me that they love me, I believe them. When others extend their love to me, I grab it.

I lay down my guard around others. When I allow myself to be vulnerable around others, they see a side of me that is easy to love. I love because there is much more to gain from loving relationships than from relationships of envy and hate.

By focusing on their positive traits, I can convince myself to love even the most difficult people. I can love those whom I have difficulty accepting. The more I love them, the easier they are to accept.

When I have a hard time loving someone, I pray for them. I have found that it is hard to deny loving someone when you care enough to pray for them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I respond to the love of others?
  2. Do I expect love to just pop into my heart or do I cultivate it?
  3. Who can I pray for today?

“I am ready for a healthy, loving relationship.”

The right relationship can make life more interesting and meaningful. It is nice to have the support that a healthy and loving relationship can provide. My relationships are important to my physical and emotional health.

My past relationships provide important lessons. I have learned much and feel prepared for success in a new relationship. I let go of my past relationships and look forward to a new one. My past is a stepping stone, rather than an anchor.

I deserve to have a healthy, loving relationship. I have grown over the past few years and continue to grow each day. I am an excellent partner for the right person.

I feel confident that I am meeting my match soon. My ideal partner is getting closer to me each day. I look forward to the day we finally meet. I am filled with anticipation and excitement for the future.

I am prepared to give my all to my relationship. I understand that relationships require time, energy, and work. A great relationship deserves my best effort.

I know the type of person I am looking for. The image is clear in my mind. I am confident I can recognize this person when they cross my path.

Today. I am ready for a healthy and loving relationship. I am more prepared each day to be a wonderful partner and friend. I deserve to be happy and to be loved.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my best qualities?
  2. What have I learned from my past relationships?
  3. Am I giving myself the best opportunity to meet my future partner? What else could I be doing?

“I deserve love and accept it into my life with open arms.”

Everyone deserves to have love in their life, including me. The amount of love I receive is only limited by the amount of love I am willing to accept.

I am open to receiving love.

I am strong enough to overcome any feelings of doubt or inadequacy so I can welcome love without reservations.

By loving myself, I allow others to love me as well.

I accept myself just the way I am and love the person I have become. I do occasionally make mistakes, but I am still deserving of love, attention, and respect. I am free of the belief that only perfect people should be loved.

Love helps me make it through tough times.

When I am faced with challenging situations, I am able to hold doubt at bay and absorb love. I can literally feel the love soaking into my body like a sponge. It bolsters my confidence and rejuvenates my spirit. With love, I can persevere.

Today, I choose to accept all the love directed my way. I remind myself that I deserve love and all the wonderful feelings associated with it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who loves me?
  2. Have I refused to accept love in certain situations?
  3. How can I be even more open to accepting love?

“I am confident that love is on its way.”

Everyone wants to fall in love. I find myself daydreaming about love throughout the day and know that love is coming into my life in good time.

I know that my soul mate is near. In fact, my soul mate might even be a friend I have known for years.

I am open to love coming into my life in traditional ways, such as bonding with a possible date at the grocery store. I am also open to love arising in unconventional ways.

Now that I have opened myself to the idea that love is just around the corner, I experience renewed self-confidence. I am secure because I know that just being me is good enough to attract a desirable romantic match.

I feel comfortable within my own skin, and live my life according to my standards. I know that the way to attract my soul mate is to be myself.

I understand that the true secret to finding love is to simply be available to receive it. Chasing love is a dead-end road; I prefer to allow Cupid to take his time finding me. I am patiently waiting for the love of my life to arrive at the perfect time.

Today, I choose to let love come to me. I am confident that love is on its way at this very moment. I spend my time on activities I enjoy, with the confidence that the love of my life will arrive at the right time and in the right place.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have a tendency to chase unavailable people for the simple fact that the chase will be a challenge?
  2. How can I display that I am receptive to dating without coming off too strong?
  3. Does my image truly display the first impression I like to give off?

“I allow love to find me.”

The love I need to nurture me is always around me. I make myself available to love and permit it to find me. I embrace the numerous opportunities I have to love, and be loved, each day. Love is present in abundance.

I cherish the love I experience in my life today. I make the loving relationships in my life a top priority and take action to strengthen and maintain them.

I understand that the love I currently have in my life is just as important as love I have yet to receive. I appreciate and respect the loving people that are in my life.

I enjoy loving others and being loved. I am open to the prospect of more love coming into my life. I am open and emotionally healthy. Others find it easy to love me. I find it easy to receive that love.

Loving others is the key to receiving love. I avoid harboring negative feelings toward others. I have a positive outlook that people find attractive.

I am available to be loved. To receive love is the greatest gift of all. I deserve this gift. I am worthy of love.

Today, I am letting go of the barriers that prevent me from experiencing love. I open my heart to the possibilities that love provides. I allow love to find me easily.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I rejected love in the past? Why?
  2. What changes would I experience if I were more open to love in the future?
  3. Whom do I love the most? Who loves me?

“Forgiveness frees me to love.”

Forgiveness frees my soul. When others wrong me, the act of forgiving lifts the chains brought on by anger and resentment. When I forgive, the bondage of bitterness is broken and I am free to live in peace.

Bitterness clouds my view and prevents true happiness. Holding on to anger causes the heart to grow cold. I shut the door on the poisonous effects of anger and let go of my pain. I search my heart and extend forgiveness for transgressions old and new.

By forgiving those who have hurt me, I free my heart and allow the opportunity to love again. Forgiving empowers me to rule over my emotions, rather than being a victim of animosity and resentment. I am stronger when I am free from the heaviness of an unforgiving heart.

Holding a grudge is like giving the offender permission to rule my heart. By forgiving, I take back the key to my heart, and with it, the ability to unlock love and mercy. Love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles brought on by discord.

To fully forgive, I give up my need to be right or feel justified. Sometimes forgiveness requires that I choose peace over principles. The selflessness that accompanies forgiveness is a strong foundation for lasting love.

Today, I choose to forgive those who have wronged me in order to free myself to experience love at a higher level. With arms open wide, I embrace new relationships free from fear.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does anger and resentment rob my heart of love?
  2. What can I do, today, to forgive those who have wronged me?
  3. Why is choosing peace with others more helpful to my happiness than the need to feel justified?

“I learn lessons in love that help to make my relationship stronger.”

I believe in love and the stirring emotions that I feel when I encounter someone whom I can call my soul mate. I realize that such a relationship is rare, so I carefully nurture it to allow those feelings to grow deeper and stronger, fortifying our bond of love.

I acknowledge that no relationship is perfect, yet everything that happens in my relationship has a lesson attached to it. I take advantage of these lessons in love to build a more positive relationship each day.

When I have an argument with my partner, I always endeavor to reach a point of forgiveness in a short time. I initiate discussions on the issue so we can find a resolution. This approach makes it easier for us to relate more positively going forward.

Whenever I make the mistake of doing or saying something hurtful to my partner, I immediately acknowledge the negative effect on their well-being.

I take a step back and revisit my actions. I put myself in my partner’s shoes and realize the impact. Then, I sincerely apologize.

Today, I take the time to learn from love so our love can keep growing. I commit to learning each day from my relationship and embrace the fact that every effort made to build a better relationship results in a stronger love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I strive to strengthen my relationship?
  2. How can I avoid saying or doing hurtful things to my partner?
  3. Do I make it a point to apply the lessons learned in love to fortify our bond?

“Genuine love comes to me effortlessly.”

My heart is full of love.

Effortlessly, I am able to show others my affection for them. And my natural warmth is returned in kind by those around me. I am grateful for how easily all of this goodness comes to me.

Because I know that the universe showers me with love at every possible opportunity, I keep my eyes open for all the ways in which this manifests. My partner may put their hand gently on my shoulder, a friend may listen with deep compassion, or my children may give me a hug that just sings with love.

Love comes in unexpected ways, too.

I may be without a partner for some time when someone I have already met shows up again in my life, brimming with genuine love and ready to share that with me. Or I may face a challenging situation in a relationship, and watch that person come through for me in a way I could never have predicted.

These showings of affection and kindness flow effortlessly outward from me, too. I trust that I have the right words to bring comfort to a friend in need or to show my love to my partner. And I know that these words and gestures are authentically “me.”

By being loving, I know that I am being genuine, since I believe that love is the core of all of us.

Today, I am deeply grateful for how effortlessly genuine love comes to me. Every action I take is born from my essentially kind nature. And I am in awe each day by the genuine love that is returned to me by others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my family show their love to me?
  2. How do my friends show me affection and kindness?
  3. Is there someone in my life who would benefit from an intentional outpouring of my love for them?

“I give my love unconditionally.”

I am full of love. There is an unlimited amount of love within me and I give it willingly. I know that sharing my love is the greatest gift I can give to others. And the more love that I give to others, the more it manifests in my life.

I remind myself that love can solve any challenge. Sharing my love can help to heal all of the issues that I face in my life.

My love can heal friends and strangers alike. True love lacks boundaries. It is always there for me to share with anyone I come into contact with.

When I am by myself, I take time to feel the love within me. My capacity to love and give love is renewed with each breath I take. As long as I can breathe, I can continue to give love.

There are many different ways to show love to others. I find that however I choose to show it is okay because others can feel the love behind my actions.

Today, I choose to acknowledge my love as a limitless river that flows from a never-ending source. My secret: the more I share the more I receive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What does my love feel like?
  2. What are ways that I show love to others?
  3. What are some of the reasons that I may have withheld love in the past? How did that make me feel?

“It is a lovely feeling to be in love.”

My heart sings when I think of the special person who makes me smile. It is a lovely feeling to share love with someone who I consider my soul mate. Being committed to a special person makes life meaningful.

Knowing that I have someone to share my deepest secrets with is freeing. I am my truest self when I am in the company of the one I love.

The positivity from my relationship extends to everyone who I encounter. Having that depth of feeling for someone makes it easy for me to share positive vibes with anyone I come across. I see that there are far reaching benefits of being in love.

Winters are warmer when there is genuine affection and adoration. Challenges are more manageable because I know that there is someone to walk the path with me.

Having a trustworthy partner allows me to be honest about my feelings. I know that my expressions are taken without offence. I am just as willing to be open to my partner’s sentiments because love is a two-way street.

Today, love rules my existence and covers each step I take. It dictates how I interact with others and expels only good thoughts and wishes from my being. I am excited to see how much more of a positive impact love is able to make on my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do I show my significant other the extent of my love?
  2. What are some of the challenges I face when in love?
  3. What impact does my relationship have on my interactions with my family?

“Love makes me sing in the rain.”

Regardless of the magnitude of my trials, it is love that keeps me singing in the midst of the storm. My love is greater than the difficulties around me.

My family is my greatest source of love. I see love in my children’s smile when they greet me each day. Their eyes twinkle with delight at the sight of me. The joy they have for life overcomes me. Their faces radiate true beauty that endures tough times.

I feel love in the warm embrace of my spouse. When my spouse and I wrap our arms around each other, I feel safe. The love we share spills into all other areas of my life. I am fearless because of the love of my spouse.

Love strengthens and ignites my passion. Where there is love, anything is possible. The power of love lies in its selflessness. I experience love because I focus on what I can give to others.

Love helps me to pass the tests of life that challenge my endurance. Love gives me the strength to overcome hurdles and it fills me with the courage to sing in the thunderstorm.

I sing because I know that when the rain is over, the sun shines again. I sing because the storms are temporary, but love remains forever. I sing because no matter what I lose in life, I always have love.

Today, I choose to look past the clouds that surround me and celebrate the love in my life with a song.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who do I love? Who loves me?
  2. How does love strengthen my passion for my life goals?
  3. How does love inspire me to persevere through the storm?

“True love lights up my life!”

I cherish the feeling of excitement that moves through my every bone when I am in love. It is a feeling that I always want to have with me because it makes me completely and utterly happy.

True love allows me to see light where others see darkness.

It changes my perspective on many things. I like the person I become when I am in love. I am a better friend, sister, and co-worker when the joy of love fills me up.

Love energizes me and gives me the drive to go out and reach for whatever I want. I feel invincible, like nothing is too far or too high for me to reach. It is this feeling that pushes me towards greatness.

I know true contentment when I am in love because there is very little that makes me uncomfortable or unsettled. Even the most difficult situations are like a walk in the park because I know I have something greater than the negative feelings that situation is trying to create.

I feel like the world’s brightest light illuminates within me when I am in love.

Today, I allow my love to be the source of my joy throughout every moment of every day. Living in true love is like hearing my favorite song play endlessly in my ears.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is true love something I can describe?
  2. How do I feel when the person I love is sad?
  3. Do I believe that true love can repair any situation that I encounter with my partner? How can I use it to strengthen our relationship even more?

“I love without reservations.”

There is nothing my family members can do to earn my love; it is something I give to them freely. There is nothing they can do to lose it either, because I love them for who they are, not for what they do.

The love I share with the people in my life is unconditional. When I express my love, I hold nothing back because I want to live a life without regrets. I give my all to those I love. There is no doubt in my mind that the people whom I love know exactly how I feel about them.

I share my heart openly and honestly, with the people I love. I am unafraid to tell them how much they mean to me. Even if they may be tired of hearing it, I tell them again. Life is too precious to take love for granted.

The love I have for my family and friends is about more than hugs and kisses; it is accepting their personalities, quirks and imperfections. My love is humble, placing the needs of my family before my own.

My love is forgiving. I love freely, without regard to the past. I am strong enough to be vulnerable to pain. My love is strong enough to bypass the warning signs of previous hurts.

My love is powerful enough to transform lives. My family members are inspired to live better simply because they have been changed by the love I show them.

Today, I embrace the divine love given to me and share it with the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I learn to give love freely?
  2. How can I ensure the people I love know how I feel about them?
  3. How can my love inspire others?

“My heart is open to new love.”

I welcome new love into my life and heart. I am happy to start a new relationship that enriches my life.

I am ready for love to enter my world.

I am ready to have a fulfilling and stable relationship with a new partner. I want a partner who understands me and adds to my joy.

I know the past is gone, so previous relationships are unable to diminish my search for love. I am aware of the lessons these relationships presented. I am grateful for each person I meet on my journey to find true love.

I understand every relationship takes effort and time to develop.

I am ready to open my heart to a new person today. I am aware of my place in the universe and know my love is real.

I want to let a new person into my heart.

I attract love and cherish it. I trust my heart and my mind to make positive relationship choices. I understand the universe gives me life lessons while I search for a partner. However, I bravely accept all the challenges that come with a new relationship. I let go of my selfish desires and welcome true affection.

Today, I focus on allowing new love into my life. My heart stays open for relationship possibilities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I wait patiently to find new love?
  2. What can I do to ensure others are aware that I am open to a new relationship?
  3. How can I find true love amid the chaos and cruelty of this world?

“I am above jealousy.”

I am above jealousy because I trust my partner. I know my partner loves me dearly and is respectful of our relationship. We are by each other’s side through thick and thin.

When unfounded jealousy tries to creep in and eat away at the trust we have built, I abolish the thought before it even begins to take root.

I am confident in myself and let go of any expectations for my partner to cut off all ties with the opposite sex. That is unhealthy and unnecessary in a relationship built upon trust.

My partner has friends of both sexes, just as I have friends that are male and female. As much as we love spending time together, we have social lives outside of our relationship.

I let go of any worries about others becoming attracted to my partner. Although the emotions of others are out of my control, I have total faith in my partner’s ability to fend off unwanted advances.

I know that my partner respects the boundaries of our relationship and intentionally avoids anything that could cause me pain.

I understand that it is alright to feel jealous from time to time. In fact, a small amount of jealousy is perfectly healthy. It shows that we are still in love and our fire is burning strong! I brush away these fleeting feelings of jealousy with a laugh.

Today, I release myself of unfounded jealousy. I am secure in myself and my relationship.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have valid reasons to be jealous?
  2. Does my jealousy stem from insecurity?
  3. Am I overly controlling and suspicious in my relationships?

“I deserve to be loved and cherished.”

I am invested in my own life. I seek to make a positive impact on others however I can. I look for work that sustains me. I surround myself with caring people. I contribute to the lives of others in helpful and important ways.

Yet, even if I did none of these things, I would still deserve to be loved and cherished. Being loved and cherished, to me, is a birthright. Everyone on the planet is entitled to know the joy, certainty and celebration of being valued and loved.

Simply because I was born, I have a right to experience feelings of love and to be treasured by another person. Even though I am not perfect and sometimes I fall short in the face of life’s challenges, I deserve to be loved and cherished.

Feeling that I matter is a sustaining part of life. Even though people are quite different from one another, we are all the same in terms of wanting to be special to another person. I believe that the human condition compels us to seek out and receive feelings of being valued.

Today, I feel sure I deserve to be loved and cherished. I remind myself of the many people along my journey of life who respect, value, and love me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I believe that I am worthy of being loved and treasured by another person?
  2. Why do I deserve love?
  3. What can I do to increase my sense of self-worth?

“I embrace my love and I keep it constant.”

Because my love adds joy and meaning to my life, I embrace it and keep it constant. I do not allow silly arguments to question our foundation.

I openly communicate with my partner about my thoughts, feelings, and frustrations.  I let go of the need to hurt my spouse or to prove myself right and, instead, focus on simply expressing how the situation made me feel. I always aim for understanding, not revenge.

I recognize that there are always at least two points of view in any conflict, and I take the time to listen to the other side. I have let go of the need to have the last word and I am satisfied if we both feel that we have been heard, even if we haven’t yet reached an amicable solution.

I make it a point to affirm my partner’s value. I also show that I am trustworthy by who I choose to confide in when we are at odds. I choose to avoid gossip and, instead, focus on achieving peace through positive solutions.

I let the little things go. Life is far more important than the way we squeeze the toothpaste tube or where we throw our socks. I invest in our relationship by allowing my partner to be quirky and human, just like me!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my goal when I am discussing issues with my partner?
  2. Does my partner feel heard when we are in conflict?
  3. Do I confide in people without gossiping?

“Each and every day, I make the person I love feel extra special.”

When I am around my loved one, I always ensure that I let them know by my words and actions that I love them and that they are the most important person in my life.

I love to do things for them. I make them a special meal or arrange a pleasant surprise. I might take them somewhere special that the two of us enjoy and pay for it, too.

I tell my loved one that I care about them on a regular basis.

I show them my love in ways that are sweet and loving – perhaps giving them a rose or sending a text that lets them know I am thinking of them.

I ensure that they know how much I appreciate them. This lets them feel good about themselves and gain confidence in the strength of our love. They know, without a doubt, that I love them.

Today, I take advantage of many ways to show my partner how special and important they are to me. I ensure my demeanor, tone, words, and actions all work together to show my love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some new ways I can show my partner how much I care?
  2. How can I ensure that my partner feels appreciated and secure in our relationship?
  3. Do I ever speak or act in ways that don’t show love? How can I demonstrate my love even when we disagree?

“My partner is the ideal person for me.”

My partner is my best friend. We are a good match. My partner brings me happiness, joy, and a vibrant and fulfilling life. They are everything I desire in a mate.

Our belief systems are aligned with each other. We have a unique spiritual connection. We have similar hobbies, passions, and goals.

My partner and I have unique differences that complement each other. I view each difference as a special gift. We draw attention to each other’s strengths. My partner boosts my confidence and self-esteem, giving me the strength to see past my flaws.

I communicate well with my partner. I provide valuable input into our conversations so we can resolve challenges together.

My friends and family approve of my partner too. I appreciate their support and show my gratitude.

Today, I recognize the wonderful role my partner plays in my life. My partner is good for me because we complete each other. We find joy in each other’s accomplishments. We share difficulties to lighten the burden.

I look forward to a bright future with my partner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I keep my relationship with my partner secure?
  2. How can I keep our chemistry from fading to complacency?
  3. What can I do to support my partner’s hopes and dreams?

“Selfless love is the knot that holds my marriage together.”

My marriage is strong because a bond of selfless love holds it together. Selfless love stirs up forgiveness within me when self-righteousness tries to justify anger.

Whenever frustration tries to blind me, selfless love allows me to see my spouse through the eyes of compassion. I put myself in my spouse’s shoes when we communicate. Allowing selflessness to reign results in a peaceful home.

Selfless love requires both partners to trade sides. Instead of looking out for myself, my number one priority is to look out for my spouse. When each of us puts the other first, a strong bond forms which is indestructible.

My spouse and I both devote our attention to the other’s needs. My goal is to ensure my spouse feels loved and supported. I am happy when I see my spouse live out their dreams. My spouse’s happiness lies in seeing me achieve my goals.

My marriage is strong because both my spouse and I have given up fighting for our own views. Instead, we work hard to understand the other. I am at ease knowing my partner has my back. In the same way, my spouse trusts me completely.

Today, I choose to lay down selfishness and put my spouse first. I enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that my needs matter to my spouse.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is it better for me to be understood or to understand my spouse?
  2. What is selfless love?
  3. What good can come out of you and your spouse putting each other first?

“My partner and I are deeply in love.”

I love my partner, and they love me. We are fortunate and grateful to have each other. Our lives are fuller and happier because of our love.

I have admiration for my partner. I trust their judgement. My partner is a good person with strong morals. I admire the way they interact with others. They are loving and kind to everyone they meet.

When I am uncertain of how to act, I ask myself what my partner would do.

My partner and I make each other feel loved and safe. My partner knows just the right things to say and do to allow me to feel their love for me. I show them each day how much I care for them.

I am lucky to have my partner, and they are lucky to have me.

We love to spend quality time together. While we both have friends and hobbies, we always find our way back to each other. We are the best source of entertainment for each other.

My partner and I share good times and times that we wish were better. We share laughs, smiles, and sometimes tears. We have many common goals and a shared vision for a bright future together.

Today, I reaffirm my love for my partner and open myself up to receiving more love in return. My partner and I are deeply in love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I love most about my partner? What do they love most about me?
  2. What is the greatest challenge my relationship faces? What can I do about that?
  3. What can I do this week to show my partner how much I care?

“The bond I share with my partner grows stronger each year.”

My relationship with my partner is built upon mutual trust and respect, but the main ingredient in our relationship is love.

Like any other couple, my partner and I experience ups and downs. But, each struggle makes us stronger. Our bond solidifies after each trial and tribulation.

Our children mean the world to us. We nurture them every chance we get. But, the secret to our strength as a couple lies in carving out quality time to spend together without interruptions.

One would think after all of these years we would grow accustomed to each other and boredom would start to set in. However, we are ever growing. We learn new things about one another every day.

I know that my partner commands a certain side of the bed. I know about the worries that plague my lover’s mind. And, I know how my partner shows signs of affection in small ways that may sometimes be difficult to notice.

I love my partner for who they are. Our relationship is rock solid. Our bond grows stronger with time.

Today, as I look back on my life with my partner, I appreciate them more than ever. Even small things like hanging the blinds or cooking dinner every now and then mean the world to me. I let my partner know each and every day how important our bond is.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can my partner and I strengthen our relationships?
  2. What traits can we both work on to further solidify our bond?
  3. Do my partner and I spend enough quality time together?

“I appreciate and respect my spouse.”

My spouse brings love and enjoyment to my life. Not only do I feel this gratitude, I am also sure to let my spouse know about it, too! I strive to find new ways to show my appreciation. And the best thing is, the more I show it, the more I receive it in return!

When my one-and-only does something nice for me, the first thing I say is, “Thank You!” This gives them instant gratification and we both make an effort to do even more.

Every day, I find different ways of showing my gratitude. I leave loving notes where they can find them; I surprise them by doing one of their chores; I schedule special time for them; I come up with little presents I know they’ll enjoy, and more.

I respect my spouse for how good they are and all they do. They make a supreme effort to make everything better for the entire family. They work hard and, yet, still make special time for us. I also let them know how much I respect them.

Communicating my appreciation and respect strengthens our relationship. Our love deepens and life is just a lot more fun!

My partner is always there for me, through thick and thin. We share the joys of life and shore each other up when times are tough. We are partners together through life’s journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Today, I intend to plan something really special for my spouse to show my appreciation and respect.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why do I appreciate my spouse?
  2. What am I grateful for today?
  3. What can I do to demonstrate my appreciation more on a daily basis?

“I am appreciated by my spouse.”

I show love to my spouse by serving them in every way I can. I go out of my way to place their needs before my own. They are constantly in my thoughts throughout the day as I look for ways to put a smile on their face.

My partner shows me appreciation in both tangible and intangible ways. I accept the love of my spouse in whichever way my they prefer to express it.

I refrain from requiring my spouse to fit a specific mold; instead, I embrace their affection as a unique gift. The mere fact that they are faithful and loving toward me is a testament to how much I am appreciated.

The communication between the two of us is clear because we connect on a deep level. I can feel the gratitude flowing from my partner’s heart without them even uttering a word.

I seek to interpret any small act of kindness on the part of my spouse as a token of gratitude. No matter how small the deed, I take notice of the simple, everyday ways my spouse shows that they care about me.

My eyes are trained to see the positive and overlook the negative in my partner because I trust them. When my spouse tells me “I love you,” I believe it. The dignity and respect between us results in sincere appreciation.

Today, I choose to accept my spouse’s gratitude because I know that I am appreciated. I reject any negative thought that says otherwise. Because I do this, I deeply feel the love being offered to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my spouse show me appreciation?
  2. Why is it important to receive my partner’s love in whichever way it is expressed?
  3. Do I interpret my interactions with my spouse in a positive way?

“My marriage is fireproof.”

I enjoy a fireproof marriage because my spouse and I commit to each other through thick and thin. We take our vows to each other very seriously. My marriage is not always a fairytale, but it is always transparent.

I am truthful with my spouse at all times. My spouse forgives me when I am honest about my mistakes. Our respect for each other grows each time we are open about our feelings.

I am holding on to my marriage with all my strength. When my spouse is weak, I am strong. When I am weak, my partner lifts me up. We persevere by reminding each other that what matters most is our love.

Life brings its own set of storms and trials. We may disagree about a lot of things, but we always know that we choose to love each other to the end. Our love and commitment to each other helps us to get past our differences.

My spouse and I are a team that works together for a common goal. We give up selfishness and embrace each other so we can succeed together.

I look after my spouse and my spouse looks after me. I have deep concern for the welfare of my spouse, and I know that my spouse feels the same way about me. I trust my spouse to put me first.

Today, I choose to embrace a selfless attitude toward my spouse. Instead of thinking about how my spouse can make me happy, I focus on what I can do for my spouse. With love, honesty, and selflessness, my marriage withstands the flames of adversity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is it important to be honest in my marriage?
  2. How does selflessness disarm anger?
  3. When was the last time my spouse and I weathered a storm together?

“I love my partner exactly as they are.”

Each person is unique and perfect in their own way. I love my partner just as they are, warts and all. It is the imperfections that make people unique and special. I choose to embrace all my partner’s qualities.

Attempting to change others is futile. It is challenging enough to change myself. I am free of the need to change others. I respect each person’s right to be as they choose to be. Life is much easier this way.

The more I judge others, the less happiness and peace I experience in my life.

My partner accepts me, and I accept my partner. We share a love for each other that is strong and true. My happiness grows with my acceptance. I can measure my personal growth by my ability to practice acceptance.

When I am unable to accept others, my level of happiness decreases.

Giving my partner unconditional love and acceptance unlocks the greatest parts of life.

My partner is already enough as they are. They are at their best when I accept and love them fully.

Today, I am reaffirming my love for my partner. I love my partner exactly as they are. My heart is filled with contentment and acceptance for my partner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I love the most about my partner?
  2. What are a few of my flaws? How would I feel if someone rejected me because of them?
  3. How would my life change if I accepted my partner’s flaws?

“Being honest with my partner enriches our relationship.”

I feel blessed to be a part of a twosome. Although each of us makes up only half of this very important relationship, I recognize it is a partnership that I must put my all into, so I do. One of the most important traits of my relationship is truthfulness.

Speaking honestly allows my partner to understand exactly what I am thinking and feeling. Without guesswork, things progress more smoothly between us.

When I am open and truthful, I feel more secure in the relationship. Both of us benefit from my choice to be frank, regardless of the situation.

Sometimes, I ponder how the relationship grows and changes. I see that I still can do a lot with the ever-evolving nature of being a partner. Yet, as my relationship grows, I know for certain that honesty is always an important component.

Being honest solidifies our partnership. The strength of this solid foundation carries us through any rough situation.

My partner and I get closer and closer as time goes by because of our joint efforts to be truthful. Together, we enjoy the closeness and intimacy that comes with openness and truthfulness.

Today, I strive to always be open and honest with my loving partner. I know that I can positively affect our emotional connection by speaking genuinely about my thoughts and feelings.

We have a fulfilling relationship because I am honest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I honest with my partner every day in every situation?
  2. In what situations do I have the most difficulty being open and truthful in my love partnership?
  3. How can I insure that I am consistently honest in my relationship?

“My relationship is long-lasting and full of love.”

My partner and I gain a new perspective on life by sharing our lives together. We share many interests and add vibrancy to our lives with our love.

I respect my partner’s individuality and boundaries. My partner does the same for me.

While we are similar in many ways, we are also different and separate human beings. We actively try to understand and support each other. We avoid trying to control the other.

Our communication is healthy, honest, and considerate. I feel comfortable in sharing my issues and concerns. We find common ground. Shame and blame are absent from our relationship.

Major decisions are made together as a team. 

Our values align very closely. We have similar attitudes on the most important topics. When we have differences, though, we spend the necessary time to reach an agreement.

We are able to let go of any resentment toward each other and move forward with our lives.

I understand that relationships are about change and transition. The twists and turns of life lead the way to the next adventure.

Today, I appreciate my relationship all the more. I make it a priority to do all I can to strengthen it. My relationship is long-lasting and full of love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I grateful for in my relationship?
  2. How can I make my relationship even stronger?
  3. What do I need from my partner that I am not receiving? What else can I do for my partner?

“My relationship with my partner brings me happiness and peace.”

My relationships are one of the most important aspects of my life. They bring me great joy. My relationship with my partner is especially wonderful. I am lucky to have my partner because our partnership brings me happiness and peace.

I have a great sense of serenity because of my partner. My partner provides me with support and security. My life is better because my partner is now a part of it. I am excited by where my relationship is headed.

I am grateful for our amazing relationship.

I make the attempt each day to be just as supportive to my partner. I want them to feel the same sense of happiness and peace. I find that my efforts are returned to me at an even higher level. I reap what I sow. Life is like that.

Relationships can be challenging, but our love is so strong that challenging times are easily overcome. Challenges only serve to bring us closer together.

Sometimes, my instinct is to protect myself. But I can see that giving of myself is a great investment. The interest I receive on that investment is incalculable.

Today, I choose to accept everything my relationship has to offer me. I am open to feeling even better than I do now. My relationship with my partner brings me happiness and peace.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I appreciate the most about my partner?
  2. What can I do for my partner to make them feel appreciated?
  3. Are there any challenges my partner and I could resolve to enhance our relationship? How can we resolve this issue?