Personal Development Tools

These digital personal development tools are designed for the modern world. Use them to help improve things like stress & anxiety, health & wellbeing, wealth & abundance, brainpower, self-confidence, performance, and productivity.



Subliminal360 Image

Rewire your mind: Just by working on your computer as normal. This powerful software flashes subliminal affirmations on your computer. Click for more



Subliminal Guru

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Redesign your world: Discover 350 powerful subliminal MP3 audio downloads, hand-created by qualified professionals. You activate inner changes just by listening. Click for more


Brain Evolution System

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Turn your life around: All you need to do is sit back and slip on your headphones. Eliminates stress & anxiety, sharpens your thinking, and boosts your mood & happiness. Click for more


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A simple program that meditates FOR you: Takes the hassle out of meditation. Each 12-minute session brings the benefit of an hour’s advanced meditation. Click for more


Hypnosis Bootcamp

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Change in your life in just 7 days: Get healthy, wealthy, confident, and more with this intensive 7 day bootcamp from your own home. Powerful. Fun. Easy. Click for more

Hypnosis Live

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Transform your life: Browse over 200 self-hypnosis MP3 audios created by qualified hypnosis professionals. Possibly the world’s largest hypnosis superstore. Click for more