Rekindle the Romance: How to Reconnect With Your Partner

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Has the romance and passion waned in your relationship? This is a common phenomenon. After the excitement of the early phases of a relationship pass, things become routine. Luckily, however, you don’t need to resign yourself to just a ho-hum relationship.

There are many way to enhance the romance in your relationship. Imagine how great it would be to feel excited about your relationship again!

How to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship

Start rekindling the romance today with these tips:

1. Go to bed together.

Studies have shown that a few minutes of cuddling each night increases the bond between couples. Staying up late to watch the late show while your partner is in bed can have negative consequences.

2. Have a weekly date night.

Relive one of your early dates. It’s a fun way to get out of the house and remember the excitement of getting to know each other. Make your date night a habit. If you can get out weekly, great. If you can only get out once or twice each month, that’s okay, too.

3. Compliment your partner at least once each day.

When a couple starts dating, they keep all the negative opinions to themselves and let the compliments flow. Over time, the ratio tends to swing in the opposite direction. Make a consistent effort to say something nice to your significant other each day.

4. Take a shower together.

Not only will you conserve water, you’ll spend some fun, quality time together. If you have time, take a bath instead.

5. Give your partner a surprise.

It doesn’t have to be a new car. A simple note, flower, or other small gesture can make anyone’s day brighter.

6. Make a list of your partner’s positive traits.

You can probably rattle off your partner’s characteristics that drive you nuts. However, you might have to think about the qualities you appreciate.

Spend a little time reflecting on their positive traits. Make a list of everything you like about your partner. Then make a list of everything you find attractive about your partner.

7. Give each other a massage.

This is a real massage, not rubbing her shoulders while she watches television. Pick up some candles, massage oil, and do it properly.

8. Find a hobby you both enjoy.

Maybe you play poker with the boys while she goes out for wine with the girls. Why not find something you both enjoy? You could take an art class together, join a co-ed soccer team, or volunteer at the local animal shelter.

9. Avoid attacking the other person.

There’s a difference between saying, “It drives me crazy when you leave your socks on the floor” and “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you pick anything up?” The first statement addresses the behavior. The second attacks the person. The difference in the response you receive is significant.

10. Change up your sex life.

After a while, most couples fall into a routine that leaves both parties less than enthusiastic. Change things up a little. Get a book and experiment. You might find the excitement coming back into your lovemaking.

Increasing the level of romance in your relationship requires effort and commitment. Relive your cherished memories of the past and focus on your partner’s positive qualities. A daily compliment can open the doors to appreciating each other all over again. Give your relationship the time and energy it deserves. You’ll be glad you did!