9 Top Tips to Beat Laziness

9 Top Tips to Beat Laziness

If you’re feeling a little lazy today, you’re not alone. If you feel a little lazy every day, you’re still not alone.

We’re designed to conserve energy as much as possible. We’re also designed to avoid stressful situations, so laziness is an effective strategy from an evolutionary standpoint. You can’t accidentally injure yourself if you’re just sitting around being lazy.

Unfortunately, as cozy as laziness can be, it’s not a very effective way to live in modern times. We have things to do, and laziness creates more challenges than it solves.

Beat laziness each day with these strategies:

1. Get started.

Getting started really is the most challenging part. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to do what you need to do for just five minutes. Set a timer for five minutes or tell yourself you can watch one YouTube video after you work for 10 minutes.

2. Remove the most convenient distractions.

Take your phone and stick it in the kitchen drawer. Unplug your router. Pull the plug on your cable box. Make it harder to switch from work to wasting time.

3. Schedule lazy time.

If you want to be lazy, be lazy. The catch is to schedule time to be lazy. Allow yourself to be as lazy as you want at an appropriate time. Make yourself earn the right to be lazy. You can look forward to it!

4. See the end result.

Visualize the end of the rainbow. How will you feel when you’re done with your work? Focus on that instead of focusing on how awful doing the work will feel. Hold a positive attitude regarding the work.

A diet is easier to follow if you’re focused on how great you’re going to look instead of how unhappy you are that you can’t eat candy.

Focusing on moving into a new house is more motivating than the act of saving money.

5. Create habits.

Habits beat laziness. Have you ever been too lazy to brush your teeth? You always brush your teeth, even if you’re exhausted, because it’s a habit. Build habits around the things that you don’t like to do. Laziness becomes irrelevant.

6. Set goals.

Effective goals provide greater motivation. Maybe you’re not really that lazy. Maybe you just have goals that fail to inspire you. What are your goals?

7. Get some exercise.

Exercise has a way of changing your perspective. It changes the chemistry of your body and your brain. It fundamentally changes the way you feel. If you’re feeling stuck, exercise might allow you to break free.

8. Start small.

Break your task down into a small enough chunk that you can get yourself to do it.

Writing a book is intimidating but writing a page or two is manageable. Cleaning the entire house can be overwhelming but cleaning a single room doesn’t seem so bad.

9. Focus on a single task.

When you have a lot of things to do, it can be less intimidating to focus on just a single task. Clear your mind of everything except that one task.

This is great for peace of mind, too. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself if you contemplate all that you need to accomplish. Just handle one thing at a time.

It’s not always easy to determine if you’re feeling lazy or if you’re just procrastinating. Fortunately, the solution is the same. When you need to get things done, look to these ideas and try out a few. You’re bound to find something that works. Get started now!