Top 10 Ways to be More Likeable

Top 10 Ways to be More Likable

Likeability matters. There’s nothing bad that comes with being well-liked. It can be a boon for your social life and career. Most of us aren’t as likeable as we could be, but it’s an easy issue to address.

Everyone has everything they need to be highly likeable. A little effort is all that’s required.

Try these techniques to be more likeable and attract more good things and people into your life:

1. Smile.

Everyone likes to smile and to see others smile. Even a baby can smile and respond to smiles from others. Do your best to put a smile on your face when you first see someone that day. They’ll appreciate that you seem happy to see them.

2. Think positive thoughts.

Your thoughts affect your attitude and demeanor. If you think happy thoughts, you’ll behave in a more pleasant way. Happy people are more enjoyable to be around, and happy people think positive thoughts.

3. Avoid complaining.

Most people don’t care much about your problems. And no one likes hanging around negative people. If there’s something bothering you, look for a solution. It’s okay to have a conversation about a challenge in your life, but others don’t want to listen to it all day long.

4. Avoid gossiping.

Gossip can be fun, but if you gossip, everyone knows it won’t be long until they’re the subject of your gossiping. Gossip isn’t nice or productive, so avoid partaking.

5. Have a few hobbies.

Likable people are interesting. If you have a hobby or two that you love, you’ll be enthusiastic and more interesting. We love to be around people that enjoy their lives. What do you like to do? If you’re not spending some time doing it each week, why not?

6. Be supportive.

We love people that support us. What could you be doing to support the people in your life? Most of us could use someone in our corner. Be that person.

7. Be interested.

A general interest in others can go a long way. Ask someone how they spent their weekend. Ask for their opinion. Show an interest in their life. Imagine how you would want someone to show interest in your life and behave accordingly.

8. Be a great listener.

Hardly anyone does a good job of listening these days. Be the person that listens with full attention. It will do more for your popularity than you think.

9. Be kind.

Kindness counts. Spread kindness wherever you go and see what happens. How could you be 10% kinder to everyone you meet?

10. Avoid doing the things that make you unlikeable.

It’s not just the things you do that make you likeable. It’s the things you avoid doing, too. Watch what you say to others when your mood is less than great. It’s very easy to hurt someone’s feelings if you’re not careful.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find out what people don’t like about you. Spend some time trying to figure this out on your own. Then, ask a few people you trust and ask them. You’ll learn a lot.

How likeable are you? How would your life be impacted if you were significantly more likeable? Your social life and career can be limited by how much people enjoy your company. Likeable people receive more opportunities in life.

Make an effort each day to be a positive presence in the lives of those around you. Try it for a month and take a look at the results of your effort.